New company, new approach

Maincast is a team of perfectionists, driven by the desire to provide you with the best possible experience, while watching your favourite games. Do we need to build and fully equip a brand new studio for this? No problem! In the upcoming competitive gaming season Maincast will cover the biggest and fan-favourite events in Dota 2, CS:GO and other relevant games.

Esports handymen

Bright minds, crafty hands and huge love for games are our main tools. We create things that we would personally like to watch either live or on YouTube. And having done something, we think of ways to improve it and push it one step forward. Every day we face new challenges: create some new game show or make a highlight reel, organize a live broadcast of a fan-favourite tournament or hold one of our own, think of new ways of delivering in-game information to a viewer or shoot videos in native 4K resolution — Maincast is up to any task you can imagine.
Vitalii«v1lat» Volochai
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Transparent cooperation

The role of community in esports is growing with each year. Pro-gamers, casual players, viewers and content creators — we all are the part of this massive community, we share the common passion, vision and goals. We understand this environment. Maincast was created for the fans by the fans. That’s why other companies trust us and choose to collaborate with us. Building strong connections between certain brands and the community, finding the best way of communication, promotion and feedback collection — these are the things, that we have been doing for years. Maincast has proven to be a reliable partner in the esports industry and we are always ready for new collaborations.
Andrey«x3m4eg» Grigoriev
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8 years in esports

Maincast lacks neither gear nor manpower. We have both top-notch equipment and the most experienced staff in our region, involved in the coverage of the biggest esports events: The International, ESL, DreamHack, StarSeries, Dota 2 Majors etc.

Many of us were there at the dawn of CIS esports, аnd now, as Maincast, we will build its future, covering and creating new events and content.